School vignette


Graduation or gift books for schools and kindergartens

Vignettes are inexpensive multi-page books.
You can use vignettes to save memories of school, kindergarten, university groups.
A feature of vignettes is the possibility to personalize them, to present personal information of one person on one page.
We offer various options, which, depending on the cover, print and number of pages, cost from 7 € to 30 €.
But even the cheapest vignettes are printed with high quality and look attractive.
And the more expensive ones, with personal imprints, look luxurious and are suitable as an exclusive souvenir.

Size 3 sizes of vignettes.
Covers We offer the following covers: economic thin, more solid thick and artificial leather with embossing
Sheets Vignette sheets are thick, solid
Pages The minimum size is a cover and 1 page. Maximum - 6 pages
Print We can print with pigment (ink) printing or the highest quality PHOTO printing.
Their difference is small. PHOTO paper is more resistant, print is more contrasting
Quantity We print from 5 to 30 pcs., but we can do more.
When producing more than 10 - 10% discount, and more than 20 - 20% discount.
Our logo If the vignette is with a photo cover, we put our small logo on the back of the cover.
But we can also produce without a logo or put your logo on it.
Production It takes 5-15 working days

Unit price for production of 10 units, with a 10% discount:

Cover Thin photo cover Thick photo cover Leather+Embossing
20x20cm square 7.20€ 9.90€ 11.70€
PHOTO print 8.55€ 11.25€ 13.05€
28x20cm horizontal 8.10€ 11.70€ 13.50€
PHOTO print 10.35€ 13.95€ 15.75€
21x29cm vertical 8.10€ 11.70€ 13.50€
PHOTO print 10.80€ 14.40€ 16.20€


We laminate the thick cover glossy. But we can laminate with a delicate but more vulnerable matte coating. We do not laminate the thin cover, but if you wish, it will cost 1€ per product.


Embossing is made with our font, as in the illustration. We can make (30 €) an individual embossing die with your logo. We can additionally emboss on the back cover of the vignette (+2 €).

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We accept payment in cash, bank transfer or card


You can pick up orders at our office in Naujamiestis, we also send them by parcel machines, courier or to city bus stations

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