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General provisions
All orders for press services are accepted and executed exclusively in accordance with these Terms of Order Fulfillment (UVS).
Placing an order constitutes acceptance of and acceptance of the following terms and conditions. Press services are provided by the Executive. All changes to the following conditions require written agreement between the Client and the Contractor, made before the order is placed, otherwise they are null and void. If the order violates public order established by law, the Executive has the right to refuse to execute the order.

The executor is exclusively guided by the statements of the Clients when deciding on copyright. The executor assumes that all the copyrights of the photographic materials forwarded to him belong to the Client. If, due to the relevant information provided by the Customer, the order fulfilled by the Executive violates the copyrights of third parties, the full responsibility for this rests with the Customer. In such a case, he undertakes to release the Executive from any claims of third parties and compensate the Executive for the losses incurred as a result of the legal proceedings.

Storage of works
The executor is not obliged to continue to store the material of completed press orders, which the Customer has not collected within 3 months from the day the order was sent to the specified address.

Data processing
This data will be used in the execution of the order and in contacting the Customer. If the Client transfers personal data to the Executive, it is treated as consent for the Executive to use them for the above-mentioned purposes. The customer has the right to access and change his personal data at any time.

Terms of execution of press work orders
Placing an order is equivalent to the recognition and approval of these conditions and the conclusion of a contract for the one-time performance of printing services according to the offer available on the website.

Filling out the registration form with the correct data is a condition for the execution of the order.

The customer's registration or login on the website is equated to the data provided in the registration form, and especially e-mail. for the use of the e-mail address necessary to contact the Customer regarding the execution of the order and the sending of promotional offers.
After completing the order, all photo files forwarded by the Customer will be removed from the Executor's system. The operator will try to ensure the effective protection of the privacy of its users and the continuity of use of the offer. However, no responsibility is assumed for force majeure circumstances.

Payment is made in cash when picking up the goods in the store, through the online portals and, which are integrated into the website system, or by bank transfer to UAB Foto bitės account "AB Swedbank" A/s. LT347300010131415723.

Delivery conditions
The ordered services and goods are delivered to the selected location (shipping to the Curonian Spit and abroad costs extra).

Each order confirmed by the Customer is treated as a whole and is sent to the destination specified by the Customer in one package. In the case of larger orders, the Executor reserves the right to execute them in several stages, having previously agreed on such a shipping method with the Customer.

Term of provision of services
All orders are fulfilled carefully, accurately and within the shortest possible time limit set for the provision of a specific service, defined in the order submission procedure on the website

In the event of doubts about the content of the order, as well as in the event of circumstances that make the execution of the order or part of it impossible, the Executive reserves the right to suspend the execution of the order, terminate it or change the conditions and immediately inform the Customer of the situation.

Registration forms with incorrect data will not be processed.
If the order is delayed, the Customer has the right to refuse the order submitted to the Executive, but not before the end of the additional deadline set by the Customer for fulfilling the order, if the Executive does not fulfill the order within this additional deadline. However, this term cannot be shorter than the minimum term established for this service. All other claims related to the delay in the fulfillment of the order, and specifically claims for damages, will not be accepted and/or satisfied. If doubts arise regarding the content of the order, the Executive reserves the right to clarify the content of the order in each case after coordination with the Customer, if he considers that such clarification is necessary.

If the place of delivery of the order is not selected, the order will not be processed.

The executor reserves the right not to fulfill other orders of the Customer who returns the order without specifying the reason for the return.

Claims are considered only if they are submitted within 2 months (in case of obvious defects). The statutory limitation period for claims in case of defects is 24 months.

When making a claim, you must present the products in the shipping package with the sales documents, along with the media with the relevant files.
The basis for a claim can only be technical defects that occurred during production, or discrepancies between the content of the order presented in the form and the shipment.